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Horses for Sale

In February of 2013, I have once again, begun providing some specific horses of various categories for sale.  Please contact me to discuss these thoroughbred investments and let me know what you wish either to buy or sell and we can do some wonderful business together.  I will be happy to list your horse for sale free of charge in my inventory. 
Each year I book hundreds of mares for clients.  By doing a great many foal shares, I have availability to a large number of horses.  In many cases I can find a nice mare that fits the criteria of what a buyer wants at a price that is fair to all parties concerned.  Since a great many of my foal share contracts have buyout clauses, I can provide a several options that can create some very interesting types of transactions. 

I have many horses available in a wide variety of price ranges that can be purchased.  I cater to those who race and those with commercial ambitions. I once had a client ask me what a horse was worth.  He told me to value the horse using my money.  I always try to find something that is worthwhile under the consideration of what something is worth if I was the buyer.  You often can make the best purchases when you are able to purchase a situation.  Just think of the many twists and turn in your own life and I am sure that  you will understand what I mean.

I like to represent good value in all price ranges.  I have sold horses very cheaply and sold interests in mares for as high as $8,000,000 and done stallion deals as high priced as $100,000,000.  Thus, as you can readily understand, I know how to do things in just about any price range.
It is my contention that money is most often made at the time of purchase.  If someone has bought wisely, they can afford to sell wisely.  Another contention of mine is that you often need to purchase a situation.  Life is not static.  Indeed, people's lives changes all the time.  Good purchases are often made when the climate is right for the acquisition.

Please tell me what you are looking for and I will be on a constant lookout for what you want.  Many things come my way because I have such a large diversity of clients.  I value a customer highly and as such I stay in touch with clients.

I am happy to assist clients with the sale of their horses.  If you are desirous of selling privately,  I will be glad to assist you in your sales plans.  If you want to consult with me, I would be glad to discuss your choices of consignors.  After more than 42 years in the business, I feel like I can offer some personalized guidance that will be of value in your decision making process.