Mating Mare Considerations
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Mating Your Mares
  • I have been mating mares and providing quality seasons under remarkable deals for more than 40 years.  Often avoiding certain traits in sire lines can be an important key to doing good matches for your mares.

  • Let me help you with sensible suggestions.  A specialty of mine is finding successful inbreeding patterns to foundation mares and to popular pedigree sire lines.

  • Another aspect of my mating service is horses for courses.  Together with the client, we can take into consideration where the prospective foal will race or what type of customer should be targeted with the mating.  We are in the age of synthetic racetrack surfaces and a good deal of thought should be given to that aspect of the thoroughbred industry.

  • Breeding for an expressed purpose is an important consideration overlooked by mare owners.  Don't breed two sprinters with the anticipation of getting a route horse or two route horses with the anticipation of getting a sprinter.  Give some thought to which clients you have in mind when you mate your mares and be sure to include yourself and your desires if you intend to race the progeny.