Race Formula
Champion Cozzene
He ran on Race Formula
Champion Princess Rooney.
She ran on Race Formula
New York Handicap Triple Crown winner Fit to Fight. 
He ran on Race Formula

Champion Slew o' Gold
He ran on Race Formula
The Immortal Spectacular Bid 
He ran on Race Formula
Deputy Minister
Champion Deputy Minster -  ran on Race Formula
Grade One Stakes Winner Timely Writer
He ran on Race Formula
Race Formula -  A Cost Saving Replacement Formula
Race Formula is prepared as a granulated feed additive in One Kilogram Hermetically Sealed Containers. At the onset of using Race Formula, begin with one full scoop at the morning and afternoon feeding for the first month to permit the horse to get the full benefits of being on the new Race Formula Program.  Horses with poor appetites or horses that do not easily maintain their weight or larger horses, it is advisable to continue the first month program indefinitely. For other horses, Race Formula maybe fed twice daily in a half scoop at the morning and afternoon feedings as a maintenance supplement. Race Formula is increased to one full scoop twice daily four days before a race or competitive event and for two days after the race or competitive event, given at the morning and afternoon feeding. 
Gelding over six years of age and female horses who are not performing to expectations will show significant hematocrit improvement when a full scoop is fed twice daily at the morning and afternoon feedings. It is not necessary in the case of this full scoop twice daily regimen to provide additional supplementation of Race Formula before or after the race or competitive event.
Race Formula is increased to one full scoop twice daily four days before a race or competitive event and for two days after the race or competitive event, given at the morning and afternoon feeding. 
Race Formula is usually ordered new larger size 4 canister case quantities but we do provide for the purchasers to purchase lesser amounts of the product in single canisters. Due to the constant changing prices of botanicals, and transportation costs of products from foreign lands, we request that you contact us regarding the pricing of this remarkable product.
When you begin feeding Race Formula to your horses, you will not have to feed any other additives such as electrolytes, minerals or enzymes  The cost of Race Formula represents a replacement cost and not an additional cost. You will notice that over time, that you do not have to feed as much grain or hay to have your horses grow, maintain weight or gain weight.  The reason is the your horses will become more efficient in digesting and absorbing what you are feeding them.  This result will provide a substantial overall savings on your feed costs.
Feeding Notes for Race Formula
1.  Molasses, honey or sweet feed should be used in the feed tub to permit the binding of the supplement to the grain.  This insures that the horse will ingest the supplement.
2.  Race Formula should be stirred into the feed to permit even distribution.
3.  It might happen with some horses that they object to the aroma or the taste of Race Formula.  In such a case the following adjustment to the feeding procedure is recommended:
For three (3) days prior to each feeding, wet your finger and place it in the supplement allowing a small amount to adhere to your finger.  Now simply place the finger, with the supplement attached in the horse's nostril.  After the third day, resume placing the Race Formula in the horse's feed tub as instructed. 
Be sure to store Race Formula in a cool dry place to insure the efficacy of the product.  Keep away from temperatures over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and damp areas.
Race Formula Contents
Race Formula contains a propriety blend of Selected Plant Extracts, Enzymes, Coenzymes and Enzyme Cofactors, Essential Vitamins, Antioxidants, Chelated Minerals.
The Electrolytes are sodium chloride, potassium chloride
The Trace Minerals are copper chelate, cobalt chelate, zinc chelate, magnesium chelate, manganese chelate, iron chelate, selenium yeast
The Vitamins are Vitamine A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, d calcium pantothenate, niacinamide, folic acid, biotin
The Special Additives are kelp powder, octacosanol, 2, 3, dimethlyglycine (DMG), lysine, aspartate, inositol, MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, bone meal
The Enzymes
are a propriety blend of key enzymes
 Definitions are provided for the following:
Selected Plant Extracts - Plants synthesize substances that are useful to the maintenance of health in humans and other animals.
Enzymes - Biomolecules that catalyze (i.e., increase the rates of) chemical reactions. Almost all enzymes are proteins.
Coenzymes and Enzyme Cofactors - A non-protein chemical compound that is bound (either tightly or loosely) to a protein and is required for the protein's biological activity. These proteins are commonly enzymes and cofactors can be considered "helper molecules/ions" that assist in biochemical transformations.  A non-protein component of enzymes is called the cofactor. If the cofactor is organic, then it is called a coenzyme. Coenzymes are relatively small molecules compared to the protein part of the enzyme. Many of the coenzymes are derived from vitamins. 
Essential Vitamins - A nutrient is required for normal body functioning that either cannot be synthesized by the body at all, or cannot be synthesized in amounts adequate for good health (e.g. niacin, choline), and thus must be obtained from a dietary source.
Antioxidant - A molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, which start chain reactions that damage cells.
Chelated Minerals - Chelation is the binding or complexation of organic compounds and a mineral is a naturally occurring solid formed through geological processes that has a characteristic chemical composition, a highly ordered atomic structure, and specific physical properties.
You are reminded to add Race Formula to moist grain containing molasses, honey or sweet feed and mix well.
Testimonials for Race Formula
P. G Johnson used Race Formula for more than 33 years and Grover "Buddy" Delp used Race Formula for 35 years.
Other users of Race Formula include John Nerud, Mackenzie Miller, Richard DeStasio, Stanley Hough, Frank Gomez, James Iselin and Angel Penna, Sr., and other noteworthy thoroughbred trainers.
In addition to Spectacular Bid (G1), Slew o' Gold (G1), Cozzene (G1), Princess Rooney (G1), Deputy Minister (G1), Timely Writer (G1) and Fit to Fight (G1) who all ran on Race Formula, major graded stakes winners Nasty and Bold (G1), Who's For Dinner (G1), Maudlin (G3), High Schemes (G1), Geraldine's Store (G2), Acarord (G1), Eminency (G2), Hush Dear (G2), Winter's Tale (G1), Explosive Bid (G3), Mintage (G3), Exile King (G2), Hail Bold King (G2), Silver Supreme (G1), Time For A Change (G1), Naskra's Breeze (G1), Give Me Strength (G2), World Appeal (2),  Tina Tina Too (G1), Royal Roberto (G2), Reinvested (G2), and stakes winners Mortgage Man, Exclusive One, Timely Native, Viva Sec, Nafees, Pappa Riccio, Mochila, Alla Breva and many others also raced on this formula.
Cardio For Life and Race Formula
Race Formula is completely compatible with Cardio4Life.  Cardio4Life and Race Formula work synergistically together to provide horses with better blood flow, and improves hemoglobin and red cell count by increasing the functional hematocrit resulting in greater oxygen transport to every cell in the body.  These benefits will be visible to the trainer.  The horse will deliver the performance improvement that one expects when horses are in excellent health.  Good health is the key to success and this combination of Cardio4Life and Race Formula will enable the horse to give you the best that he or she can deliver.  The horses have healthier kidney function because of the increased blood flow to that organ as well as improved liver function increases spleen output which is the key to good health. In the equine community the kidney and liver function are attacked by drugs and their toxic effects.
Inquiries are invited for formulas that are designed for Broodmare and formulas that are designed for Weanling, Yearling and Two Year Olds in training.