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The Problem of the Ancient Five Have You's

  • Have you come upon obstacles that seemed insurmountable ? 

  • Have you known that insiders were trying to keep you out ?

  • Have you wondered why you are considered an invader by others ?

  • Have you climbed mountains in life only to find the unexpected at the top ?

  • Have you ever felt that wherever you turned you hit a stone wall ?

The Robert S. Fox Solution to the Five Have You's

  • Robert S. Fox can be of invaluable assistance in conquering obstacles, getting you on the inside, eliminating the invader feeling, propelling you to the very top of the mountain and stopping you from beating your head against a stone wall.

The Great Wall of China stretches 4,500 miles, from the mountains of Korea to the Gobi Desert. It was first built to protect an ancient Chinese empire from marauding tribes from the north. The first section of the Great Wall took 10 years to build at the rate of about one mile per day. But it evolved into something far greater a boon to trade and prosperity and ultimately a symbol of Chinese ingenuity and will. The truth is, though, that the Great Wall is actually a series of walls built and rebuilt by different dynasties over 1,000 years.

 The best building block you can find to develop your Thoroughbred business. 

" I leave no stone unturned."