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Ancient Japanese Legend

Legend has it that two warriors once met at a crossroads.  One had a Champion horse to sell, the other needed such a horse.  They talked, it seemed endlessly... they disagreed and went their separate ways, discontented, accomplishing nothing.

I often come upon the same crossroads.  With Robert S. Fox you can be sure my wits are always extremely sharp.  I know that anyway you slice it, it's better to do business that works for both than to do no business at all.

Minamoto Yoritomo was the first Shogun. The climax of Yoritomo's rise to power came in 1192, when he was named Shogun by the emperor Go-Toba. Yoritomo's died in 1199. One of the best demonstrations of how the Shogun and his organization could lead the nation occurred in 1274, when the Mongols tried to conquer Japan. The Mongols were forced back by the samurais, and their attempt to conquer Japan never succeeded.

Deal with Bob Fox and be a cut above the rest.

" It is never dull at my place."